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    Kaunila activity tracking products

    Activity tracker for dogs

    Kaunila activity tracker for dogs gives you a whole new view to your dog's life. Track daily activity, sleep and exercise. By knowing the activity levels of your pet, you understand it better. The changes in activity can also reveal symptoms of stress, injuries and illnesses that otherwise would go unnoticed.

    Activity tracker for horses

    Kaunila activity tracker for horses tracks all the movement of the horse. It is easy to see the effects of activities like riding. You can follow how the horse recovers from training and how exercise effects sleep. With activity tracker it is also possible to see what the horse does while no one is present.

    What is Kaunila?

    Kaunila Ltd develops IoT and wearable solutions for automated monitoring of animal well-being. We are based in Kuopio, Finland.

    We utilize latest wireless sensor and mobile
    technology to develop products that make our customers everyday life easier and improve their performance.

    The first solution that we developed, an unique system of voice based surveillance for cattle, was released November 2015. Early 2016 we started developing wearable technology for pets. We offer a new way to track well-being by measuring pet's activity. Kaunila lemmikeille activity collar for dogs was released in September 2016.

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